11 "Stranger Things" Moments That Will Make You Laugh And 11 That Will Make You Cry

? Warning: This post contains spoilers! ?

1.When Steve gave Dustin a hilarious pep talk before the Snowball dance:

3.When Erica spit some facts in the way only younger sisters can:

5.When Steve expertly filled an awkward silence:

6.When the Demogorgon got Barb:

7.When Dustin had some parting words for his bullies:

9.When Dustin and Robin tried to convince Erica to join their cause and she wasn’t having it:

13.When Dustin and Lucas took a break from hunting monsters and raided the school cafeteria:

14.When Bob met his untimely end:

15.When Steve hilariously demanded attention:

17.When the gang went to welcome Dustin home from camp and things didn’t turn out as expected:

19.When Dustin, Mike, and Lucas tried to ~cleverly~ sneak Eleven past Mr. Clarke:

21.When Dustin and Suzie performed a duet of “Never Ending Story” at a VERY inconvenient time:

22.And finally, when El read Hopper’s heart-warming speech:

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