What Happens to Philip Roth’s Legacy Now?

His single authorized biography is mired in controversy. Scholars say it shouldn’t be the last word, but they are struggling for access to his vast and in some cases inaccessible private archives. By Alexandra Alter and Jennifer Schuessler Late in his life, Philip Roth occasionally joked that he had two great calamities ahead of him: […]


Sharon Stone Is Telling Her Side of the Story

During an extended hospitalization in 2001, when Sharon Stone was being treated for a stroke and a subarachnoid hemorrhage that had bled into her brain, head and spine, she writes that she was visited by her grandmother Lela, who had been dead for 30 years. “This is where it gets weird,” Stone writes in a […]


Still Stuck at Home? It Might Be Time to Work on That Novel.

It was another Covid-era Wednesday night, another Zoom call, but for the entire hour, nobody spoke. None of the attendees even looked at each other. All eight of their heads were tilted down, their pens and the corners of their notebooks occasionally bobbing into view of the laptop cameras. These writers were gathered, virtually, for […]


He Can’t Carry a Tune, but Chang-rae Lee Has a Song to Sing

There are times when Chang-rae Lee — Pulitzer fiction finalist, PEN/Hemingway Award winner, English professor at Stanford, beloved novelist with a sixth one on the way — wonders if he can write. With every book he has published, he said, he has thought about the accolades he has received since his 1995 debut, “Native Speaker,” […]


Raised on Le Carré, He Wrote a Thriller Dipped in Poison

Growing up in Moscow, Sergei Lebedev honed his English, reluctantly at first and then greedily, by reading his way through his family’s library of detective fiction. His parents, geologists who often used English in their work, particularly encouraged him to read the work of the spy novelist John le Carré. Lebedev grew to appreciate le […]


Dolly Parton Likes to Read by the Fire in Her Pajamas

What books are on your night stand? The Bible, of course; a daily devotional book; and a charming book called “The Midnight Library,” by Matt Haig. What’s the last great book you read? You know I am shameless and am always selling something so of course the answer is my new book, “Dolly Parton, Songteller,” […]


LOTR TV Show Writer Can't Talk About It, So Stop Asking

Information about Amazon’s big budget Lord Of The Rings series is still very thin on the ground, with most news off the set simply confirming whether production is in motion or not. Now, a screenwriter attached to the project has had to ask fans to stop assuming all her tweets are about the show. After […]