Why did Kelly Ripa quit drinking?

KELLY Ripa, a co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan, revealed she quit drinking in 2017. The internet is speculating what led to Kelly’s decision and how much effort it took to remain sober. Why did Kelly Ripa quit drinking? Kelly Ripa’s decision to stop drinking came after she went a month without alcohol with […]


Why Mina Starsiak Hawk Says She Isn’t A Supermom

Michael Kovac/Getty Images By Joey Keogh/Sept. 13, 2021 12:10 pm EDT Mina Starsiak Hawk didn’t have an easy road to getting pregnant a second time. She even revealed her fertility struggles on the hit show “Good Bones.” As People reported at the time, Season 5 was difficult for the renovation expert to watch because it meant reliving […]


Why Carrie Underwood Blocked This Celebrity On Twitter

Carrie Underwood raised a few eyebrows in August when she liked a controversial tweet about children wearing masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. Fans noticed that the star — who has previously gone out of her way to remain apolitical — liked a video tweeted by Matt Walsh, a controversial conservator commentator. The post featured a […]


Why Fans Are So Curious About Ingrid Andress’ Love Life

Country songs cover a wide variety of topics, but a large majority focus on the ups and downs of relationships. From Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” falling in and out of love makes for long-lasting (and iconic) country tunes that almost everyone can relate to on some level. That theme of […]


Why Jim Carrey Hated His Role In Kick Ass 2

Superhero movies may be dominating the box office now, but in the ’90s they were more commonly seen as a gimmick. Tim Burton’s dark spin on “Batman” started to change the tide, but then came Joel Schumacher’s poorly received “Batman Forever” (via Rotten Tomatoes). One of the film’s saving graces, however, was Jim Carrey’s iconic […]


Here’s Why Matt Amodio’s Jeopardy! Win Has Made History

Ken Jennings is largely considered the best “Jeopardy!” player of all time, having won the GOAT tournament in 2020 (via NPR). Other well-known champs of the quiz game are James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter (via Ranker). Now, a new name is being added to the list of great players: Matt Amodio. According to People, the […]


Here’s Why Sophia Bush Left Chicago P.D.

Sophia Bush starred as Detective Erin Lindsay on the first four seasons of the Dick Wolf series “Chicago P.D.” At the conclusion of Season 4, Bush announced that she was leaving the show, telling an Instagram user the reason was “because I wanted to. End of story” (per People). It turned out that Bush’s departure […]


Why Donald Trump Jr.’s Father’s Day Message Has People Buzzing

Twitter has been a lot quieter since former president Donald Trump was banned from the platform back in January. From calling North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “short and fat” to calling former porn star Stormy Daniels “Horseface,” Trump’s lightning rod tweets made him the center of the Twitter universe. Although he wasn’t on Twitter this […]