Where Alaskan Bush People Star Bam Bam Brown Was Before The Fame

It’s hard to picture any cast member of “Alaskan Bush People” living a life outside of the wilderness, or even what their lives were like before their popular reality show debuted on the Discovery Channel in 2014. However, each member of the Brown family did have a life outside what’s shown on TV, and for […]


Where is Dan Walker going and why is he leaving Football Focus?

MUCH-loved presenter Dan Walker is leaving Football Focus after 12 years on the show. We've got all the details about his decision to quit the BBC show and where he's heading next… Why is Dan Walker leaving Football Focus? In April 2021 Dan Walker announced he would be leaving Football Focus. At the time, he […]


Where Is The Circle<\/em> Filmed? Here’s What We Know

If you’re not watching Season 2 of The Circle, full stop. Close this browser, search through Netflix’s library, and play Episode 1 immediately. If you’re working from home, no one will know anyway. For those of you who have dipped into The Circle pond already, then by all means, have a seat and let’s talk. […]


This Is Where You’ve Seen Captain Ahab From The Geico Commercial Before

The insurance company GEICO has one of the best track records for putting out outstanding commercials that keep viewers engaged and laughing. Their spots have not only informed potential customers about how much they could save, they’ve created several iconic characters along the way. The GEICO Gecko is an adorable and well-informed lizard that reminds TV […]


Where was His Dark Materials season 2 filmed?

HIS DARK MATERIALS is keeping fantasy fans gripped as season 2 of the hit BBC/HBO series continues tonight (Sunday November 15, 2020). But as the latest season of the popular fantasy show continues, we look at where the adaptation of Phillip Pullman's book has been filmed. Where was His Dark Materials season 2 filmed? His Dark Materials […]