The Truth About Jennifer Garner’s New Gig With Netflix

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock By Preston Smith/Sept. 2, 2021 5:47 pm EDT Some actors have really stood the test of time in the film and television industry. They become household names in a way that you recognize their name even if you’ve never seen a project they’ve been in or could pick them out in a lineup of […]


The Truth About Lizzo And Drake

On August 13, Lizzo marked her musical comeback with “Rumors” featuring Cardi B — her first single release in two years. Accompanied by a “Hercules”-inspired music video, the catchy new song sees Lizzo and Cardi listing (and confirming) some of the juiciest gossip around their respective lives. In the first verse, for example, Lizzo playfully […]


The Truth About Ree Drummond’s Nickname For Her Husband

When Ree Drummond was growing up, she never envisioned a life as the wife of a cattle rancher. She danced ballet, attended college in California, and was in the midst of moving to Chicago to work on a law degree when her life took an unexpected turn, according to her blog. One night while back […]


The Untold Truth Of Mike Richards

The following article includes mentions of sexual harassment and gender discrimination allegations. If your first reaction on hearing the news that Mike Richards was the most likely candidate to replace Alex Trebek as the full-time, permanent host of “Jeopardy!” was, “… Who?” — you are far from alone. Which means that when it comes to […]


The Truth About Hilarie Burton And Chad Michael Murray’s Relationship

Back in 2003, the teen drama “One Tree Hill” was a massive hit on The WB (now known as The CW). The North Carolina-based series followed half-brothers Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), basketball players who shared the same father but grew up with different life experiences. The two brothers eventually […]


The Truth About Kris Jenner’s Childhood

Kris Jenner is a television personality, socialite, and family matriarch that most people either love or loathe. But before she became one of the biggest names in the celebrity world thanks to her family’s highly-rated reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” her childhood was anything but glamorous. In fact, Kris does not like to […]


The Untold Truth Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s incredible journey towards being a superstar started at a young age. When she was still in elementary school, she won a national poetry contest for her submission called “Monster In My Closet,” per the Grammys website. She released her debut album in 2006 as a 16-year-old and first gained fame thanks to her single […]