Celebs vowing to flee country upon Trump reelection ‘really think they’re that important’: Comedian

Celebrities threatening to flee country upon Trump reelection are ‘cowardly’: Michael Loftus Comedian Michael Loftus gives his take on rich-and-famous anti-Trumpers. The rich and famous have been threatening to leave the U.S. since Trump’s election in 2016, which comedian Michael Loftus told “Fox & Friends Weekend” is a completely ego-driven statement. “They really think they’re […]


Why Chaka Khan refuses to work with Ariana Grande ever again

It’s rare nowadays that legendary musical divas collaborate with newer talents. Although it may be a dream to collaborate with some of the greatest vocal powerhouses, sometimes that never happens for artists. Unfortunately, for any female musicians looking to collaborate with singer Chaka Khan, she’s NOT having it! The “I’m Every Woman” singer sat down […]


What Trump’s return to the White House will really be like

During the presidential debate that shook the nation for its sheer absurdity, President Donald Trump commented on his mask-wearing habits during the pandemic, as well as those of his political adversary, former vice president Joe Biden. “I put a mask on, you know, when I think I need it,” Trump said, per CNN. “I don’t wear masks like [Joe […]