The Untold Truth Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s incredible journey towards being a superstar started at a young age. When she was still in elementary school, she won a national poetry contest for her submission called “Monster In My Closet,” per the Grammys website. She released her debut album in 2006 as a 16-year-old and first gained fame thanks to her single […]


Behind Taylor Swift’s Massive GoFundMe Donation

Taylor Swift seems more like television magnate Oprah Winfrey each day — well, at least in regards to magnanimous gestures of goodwill (she’s just missing the talk show, interview with British ex-royals, watching Tom Cruise leaping on the couch). In August 2020, while Swift didn’t hand out multiple free cars, the three-time Grammy “Album of the […]


Taylor Swift to Drop Re-Recorded 'Love Story' at Midnight

Singer says she has finish re-recording her entire “Fearless” album, which will be released “soon” Taylor Swift Taylor Swift will be dropping her re-recorded version of “Love Story” at midnight, the sing said Thursday, while revealing on “Good Morning America” that she has completed re-recording her entire “Fearless” alum and will be releasing it “soon.” […]


Taylor Swift Reacted To Katy Perry’s New Music Video In The Best Way

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry had some “Bad Blood” between them. What was originally a sweet friendship, filled with tweets complimenting each other and run-ins at Hollywood events, turned into an ugly feud after Perry reportedly asked some of Swift’s backup dancers to leave their contract early and join her 2014 […]