Lady Gaga Was On The Sopranos And You Never Even Knew It

Before starring in Academy Award-winning films and leading a season of showrunner Ryan Murphy’s incomparable series American Horror Story, per IMDb, Lady Gaga was mostly known for her status as a pop icon. The 11-time Grammy winner is often lauded as one of the best artists of the 2010s because of her albums Born This Way and […]


What’s Really Going On With Johnny Depp And Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s highly publicized divorce and subsequent legal battle has had another development. In March 2021, according to Deadline, Depp’s legal team told The UK Court of Appeal why they believe the actor should get a retrial in the case he lost against News Group Newspapers, publisher of The Sun. Depp and […]


Fans Are Fixated On Jennifer Aniston’s Voice. Here’s Why

Friends is iconic for many different reasons; the massive New York apartments nobody could actually afford, newly chic nineties clothing, seemingly endless amounts of quotable lines, Chandler, just…being Chandler, and, of course, the will-they-or-won’t-they of Ross and Rachel. But the show’s undeniable rewatchability, which causes nationwide freak-outs whenever it’s taken off Netflix, also works against Friends in certain […]


Who was Alex Browne on ITV's Marcella?

MARCELLA season three is finally here, and fans have been avidly watching the new series. But before the credits played out after episode two aired, the production team paid tribute to the late Alex Browne. Here's what we know about him… Who was Alex Browne on Marcella? Alex Browne was a young man from Northern […]


Ross Kemp 'working on UK version of Tiger King for ITV'

Ross Kemp is said to be filming a UK version of Netflix’s hit documentary series Tiger King for ITV. According to reports, the former EastEnders star, who is no stranger to exploring nail-biting stories in hard-hitting shows, will hunt down and interview the British versions of Joe Exotic who keep big cats. ‘Ross loves getting […]


Author Tony Parsons on his 'regimented' lockdown routine

Tony Parsons started his career as a journalist at the NME before becoming a newspaper columnist. He’s since become a best-selling crime author and his new book, Your Neighbour’s Wife, is out now. Currently stuck in lockdown like the rest of us, he’s enjoying dog walks, experimenting with at-home workouts and being a ‘lonely wolf’. […]