Married At First Sight star fights off machete-wielding burglars

Warning: Graphic imagery. Married At First Sight star David Pugh has been left covered in blood after fighting off five burglars wielding machetes at his home. The sales director, who has had training in martial arts, fought off the thugs using Krav Maga, a military self-defence system, after they burst into his house at 3am. […]


Diane Keaton never got married. This is the reason why

While actress Diane Keaton has been paired with some great leading men on-screen — Sam Shepard, Steve Martin and Jack Nicholson come to mind — the Annie Hall star has never been married in real life. As someone who often portrays successful, career-oriented women on film, it seems the actress’ life is an instance of life imitating […]


Is Seth Meyers Married?

Seth Meyers is a well-known comedian and political commentator. He has been a fixture on television since the early 2000s and is still extremely popular with comedy fans everywhere. While many people are familiar with Meyers’ career, not a lot might know about what his life is like outside of his work. Read on below […]


This Marvel Actor is Married to 'Dirty Dancing’s' Jennifer Grey

The MarvelCinematic Universe is still coming off of the historical success of Avengers:Endgame. Though there were a host of cameos in the film from charactersfrom the past, one beloved agent was missing from the box office hit. Though this actor has other credits to his name besides the blockbuster movie, few may be aware that […]