Ellen DeGeneres responds to backlash after tweet about injustice

As Black Lives Matter protests continue to take place in cities across the country, celebrities are chiming in to let their fans know where they stand. But for some celebs, their messages aren’t as well received as they likely hoped. Take, for example, Ellen DeGeneres’ now-deleted tweet about racial injustice and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. […]


How Ellen DeGeneres 'Almost Killed' Howie Mandel: 'I Thought I Was Gonna Die'

Mandel “hated” his last appearance on Ellen’s show, where he almost lost consciousness. Howie Mandel made a brave return to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" for Tuesday’s episode, following an incident where he "almost died" back in February. Moments after the "America’s Got Talent" judge sat down for his interview, Ellen jumped straight to the point: […]