'7 Days' Film Review: Are You Ready for a COVID-19 Rom-Com?

Tribeca 2021: Karan Soni and Geraldine Viswanathan are perfect as a less-than-perfect couple Tribeca Film Festival We’re likely to endure a glut of COVID-19–themed entertainment in 2021 and beyond, even as much of America is more inclined to look to the future than to revisit the recent past. So “7 Days,” a romance premiering at […]


7 ways Faith Dingle's return will affect Emmerdale

She may have left Emmerdale as a pariah, but Faith Dingle looks set to risk the wrath of her family by making a return in the weeks ahead. Actress Sally Dexter has already resumed filming on the ITV soap, with Faith resurfacing in a madcap (and maybe slightly macabre?) storyline involving a stolen funeral hearse. […]


Clone Wars Season 7 Schedule: Episode 2 Release Date On Disney Plus

The final season of the animated Star Wars series The Clone Wars is here–including some rad new clone troopers that remind us of Ninja Turtles–debuting on Disney+ on February 21. Every Friday after that, until May 8, a new episode will appear on the streaming service. Additionally, episode titles for the first half of Season […]