Daily Picks M Magazine – Saturday, July 6

SATURDAY, JULY 6 Tour De FranceCredit: CYCLING 2019: TOUR DE FRANCE ★★★ 9.30pm, SBS The speed and lycra-lovers’ international event of the year is here, hosted by Mr Tour De France himself, Michael Tomalaris, along with SBS commentators Matthew Keenan and Robbie McEwan. Roadside are cycling journalists, Sophie Smith and Christopher Mallet, with David McKenzie […]


The opera with everything – even fart jokes

The works of Claudio Monteverdi have long had a special allure for Erin Helyard – and none more so than The Return of Ulysses. It’s the baroque opera with everything, says the Pinchgut Opera artistic director. “It has sexy scenes, it’s got incantation scenes when Ulysses is turned into an old man. There’s comedy. There […]