5 Renovation Shows to Watch When You Run Out of Episodes of 'Fixer Upper'

There’s something so gratifying about watching a “before” become an “after.” That’s why HGTV renovation shows saw such an explosion in popularity recently — people clearly wanted to see average-looking homes transformed into stunning dream houses, but without all the personal effort. Sitting on the couch watching someone else swing a hammer is so fun […]


Titmouse Moves 5 Second Day Festival To Twitch

The ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has led animation production company Titmouse–the company behind Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros.–to massively alter plans for its scheduled annual 5 Second Day animated short festival. After debuting a series of new shorts created by Titmouse employees in Los Angeles and New York, the company has been forced to cancel […]


5 Movies Based on Tom Clancy Books and How to Watch Them

The late author Tom Clancy — he passed away in 2013 at the age of  66 — amassed a net worth of $300 million writing thrillers, most notably about spies and military science. Ahead, discover five of Clancy’s titles that went on to become feature films and how to watch them. 1. ‘The Hunt for […]


5 Signs You’re Watching Too Much TV

Most of us enjoy watchingTV now and then, but sometimes watching your favorite shows can become a habitthat’s hard to break. How do you know when you’re watching a little too much TV?Here’s what experts and regular folks told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.  1. You skip work to watch TV Missing work for any reason other […]