Zara McDermott flaunts one and a half stone weight loss with transformation pics

Love Island's Zara McDermott has opened up another Instagram account which boasts her incredible weight loss transformation, gym antics and healthy food options.

While we think Zara looked utterly fabulous both before and after, the transformation snaps highlight just how far she has come.

Zara isn't shy when it comes to sharing a steamy workout picture, as the X Factor Celebrity star loves to showcase her rigorous gym activity over Insta.

Judging by the transformation snaps that were shared via the "A Day With Zara" Instagram feed, the former reality star has certainly put in some hard work over recent months, not only with her rigorous routine but eating healthier options too.

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Although the 23-year old is proud of her achievements, Zara admitted that she felt as though she couldn't speak about her journey out of fear that she would be "attacked" by internet trolls.

Taking pride in her achievements and ignoring keyboard warriors, she said: "I thought I’d do a post about my weight loss. Every time I post about weight loss I get people attacking me, saying it’s harmful and damaging.

"However, the last two images of me were of a girl who ate ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she wanted, who rarely exercised and that is not healthy or good for anyone! I never worried about my body, I never thought I was fat, I was content."

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Explaining to fans that she was happy both then and now, she penned: "It was never a mental thing and was never affecting my mental health, I was happy with who I was. However, one day I woke up and I thought, I’m not being healthy, I’m not eating my five a day, I’m not monitoring what I’m putting in my body at all!"

Zara went on to explain that her post-villa lifestyle had taken its toll after she had received lots of "free meals" without exercising at all.

She confirmed that her unhealthy lifestyle actually spurred on the health kick and calorie control diet and verified that both aspects were contributory factors that led to Zara losing one and a half stone in weight.

"Coming out of Love Island, the free meals everywhere and the constant travelling and lack of routine took its toll on my body and I ended up weighing 68kg. Now I weigh 58/59kg (I’m 170cm tall). "

Sharing her calorie controlled tips with fans, she added: "It’s important to not go under that drastically as it can mess with your metabolism, for me the quickest way I lost weight was by only going between 100 and 250 calories below this daily.

"After a month of calorie counting (which I must say is a bit monotonous), you can start to understand and learn what amount calories are in certain foods."

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