Will Mellor’s £10k identity theft horror as gang robbed him by stalking postman

Coronation Street star Will Mellor says a criminal gang robbed his identity – by following his postman.

The Corrie star said at least £10,000 was laundered using his name before he caught them out.

He found a man was stealing his post – and chased down the road after his car.

Will, 45, said: “It was only a year and a half ago. A lovely lady who lives opposite across the road said: ‘I just want to let you know there’s been a strange person going into your mail box.’

“So I checked my CCTV and there’s this lad, he put his hand in my letterbox and took something out. He’s following the postman. They’ve robbed my identity and they’ve opened bank accounts in my name.”

The dad-of-two then said he had a hard time explaining to banks that he was the real Will Mellor.

He said: “Do you know what I had to go through to prove who I was?

“They could open the account online, but for me to prove who I was and go in and close the account I had to jump through hoops.”

But he told pal Ralf Little, 41, on their Two Pints podcast that the police were now probing the gang, who had built up thousands in laundered cash.

He said: “There was like ten grand in one account. There was all that.

“So they’d been doing this for ages and I didn’t even know.”

The fake accounts were closed and the money recovered by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Will has sparked speculation that he will be leaving his Corrie role as drug lord Harvey after telling fans that he has "finished filming."

Talking to Ralf on his podcast, Will said: "I was filming Corrie and then I finished filming.

"Obviously I’ve not been able to go out with my mum and sisters so I said, 'I’ll ring and see if I can get us in a restaurant'."

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