Who Is Grimes’ Famous Step-Brother?

Grimes, whose real name Claire Boucher, is famous for her work as a singer, songwriter, and producer, but she’s also well-known as the partner of billionaire Elon Musk and mother to their baby X Æ A-XII. In the theme of unique names, Grimes also told The New York Times in 2020 that she now goes by “c.” Her new name is a “reference to the speed of light.” 

Grimes and Musk are the ultimate celebrity geek couple; they are both free-spirits who don’t follow the status quo. Biographied reported that Grimes was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, by her mom Sandy Garossino, a former Crown prosecutor, and her dad Maurice Boucher, a biotech executive. Her parents divorced, and her mom remarried Ravi Sidhoo. Grimes’ stepfather is Indian and is a businessman in Vancouver. She also has two brothers and a step-brother, and her step-brother is someone you’ve perhaps already heard of. 

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Grimes is not the only one in her family with music talent

Grimes is the only girl in her family, but she’s not the only one in the family with music talent. Her step-brother Jay Worthy is a famous musician and rapper, known for hits like “Never Miss” and “Susan,” and half of the duo LNDN DRGS. 

LA Weekly describes Worthy in glowing terms, writing, “Jay Worthy can’t be understood via online biography.” Elevator calls Worthy a “west coast legend,” praising him as “the underground voice of Compton, CA.” According to Elevator, he is “highly respected” by his peers, such as “A$AP Yams, Curren$y, YG, and many more.” So how did a kid from Vancouver become the underground voice of Compton?

In an interview with LA Weekly, Worthy explains that a situation occurred when he was 17, making it “imperative” for him to leave Canada. In 2004, Worthy left Vancouver for Los Angeles, staying at a friend’s grandmother’s house in Compton. According to LA Weekly, his new home was “smack in the Westside of Compton.” His legendary music took off from there.

The talented rapper sings praise for his step-sister. In a 2016 interview, Worthy said, “Claire is one of the most talented producers of our time.”

In the interview, Worthy talked about Grimes’ album “Art Angels,” saying that she “didn’t cater to what the rest of the world was doing; she wasn’t trying to make a pop record, even though it’s considered a pop record and has mainstream success.” 

We love supportive siblings!

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