WATCH: Stunning visuals for The Cranberries' Wake Me When It's Over created by Limerick design students

The stunning visuals for The Cranberries’ single ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’ were created by students from Limerick School of Art and Design.

Wake Me When It’s Over is the third single (following ‘All Over Now’ and ‘The Pressure’) from the band’s final album, ‘In The End’, which features the vocals of late frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan.

The album features 11 songs which were written and demoed before Dolores’ tragic death in January last year, and was recorded by her band mates – co-songwriter and lead guitarist Noel, bassist Mike Hogan, and drummer Fergal Lawlor.

The Limerick band turned to LSAD earlier this year about a potential collaboration.

“The college is respected as a highly creative force in the area” says Noel. “We were curious to see what they could create for ‘Wake Me When It’s Over’ which is very much a classic Dolores [O’Riordan] song – really catchy with a softer verse and a massive chorus.”

Tom Clancy, an award-winning recent Animation graduate, was selected as the Creative Director and he collaborated with lecturers and students on the concept, which ultimately centred the issues of environmental damage and climate change.

“A character makes her way through a changing landscape, trying to negotiate her journey while somewhat perplexed by all that is happening around her” explains Clancy.

“This character could be interpreted as representing ‘mother nature’, through a feminine superhero who is attempting to overcome all that crosses her path. On her journey, she morphs into various animals whose habitats exist between land, water and sky.”

Drummer Fergal says the band were given free rein on the concept and although the song was not written about climate change he feels the concept would have got the thumbs up from Dolores.

“It was always important for Dolores that people could interpret her lyrics in their own way. Although the song was not written about climate change, she would definitely have appreciated the video director’s take on the song,” he says.

The video for ‘All Over Now’ also boasted haunting animation, courtesy of a collaboration between award-winning director Dan Britt and illustrator Tom Clohosy, who created the backgrounds, which were partly inspired by Eric Ravilious’ landscapes of the English countryside.

The video takes inspiration from ‘In the end is my beginning’, a TS Elliot poem which resonates with the band, and the song’s tale of an abusive relationship to visualise Dolores’ lyrics.

“After some initial discussions about the direction I was left alone for the most part,” said Dan.  “The Band’s support has led to what I hope is a good match to this lovely song, a fitting tribute to Dolores.”

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