Wade Bowen Addresses Harrowing Year in New Documentary About Depression

Wade Bowen chronicles his year from hell that was 2018 in a new short film called Inconsistent Chaos, which focuses on the Texas Country veteran’s forced singing sabbatical and the tragic loss of his cousin and stage manager.

Bowen was ramping up for a big year in 2018, which not only marked his 20th as a full-time performer but also the release of his Solid Ground LP. But, as the new 17-minute documentary explains, the 42-year-old singer’s world was turned upside down when recurrent blood in his vocal cords forced him to undergo surgery and take a three-month sabbatical from singing. Even worse news was to follow when Chase Cavender, Bowen’s nephew and stage manager, took his own life on Father’s Day.

Inconsistent Chaos takes a raw look at how these events brought Bowen, his band mates, and his business to the brink, and makes clear just how fresh the wounds remain from those turbulent experiences. Lending their insights to the film are Bowen’s band members, his manager, parents, and fellow musicians like Randy Rogers and brother-in-law Cody Canada.

“It was a crazy time,” Bowen told Rolling Stone Country last April. “Hopefully we can use [Inconsistent Chaos] to help others understand that you can go through a rough time and still come out on the other side OK. People don’t always see that side of us in the music business. They only see what’s onstage. You don’t always pop open a beer can and hop onstage.”

Bowen returned to touring late last year and makes his next appearance this Friday, June 14th, at La Hacienda Event Center in Midland, Texas.

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