Victoria Beckham hits back as husband David tells fans she is ‘getting old’

David Beckham astounded fans as he took to Instagram while cheekily suggesting that his famous songstress wife Victoria Beckham was "getting old".

The pair, who tied the knot back in July 1999, proved to online fans that they were like every other married couple as they bickered over a new reading light that the Spice Girl had purchased.

It was the former England striker who shared the hilarious clip among his 74million followers, showing his wife's glee with her new purchase.

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In the video, Victoria appears effortlessly glamorous in a slinky nude dress as she glided through their enormous walk-in wardrobe clutching a paperback book.

Attached to the publication was a nifty nighttime reading light, that Victoria appeared to be chuffed with.

Off camera but while filming, David can be heard in the background saying: "I think my wife is getting old."

Snapping back, Victoria fumed: "I'm not getting old."

Explaining the reason for his comments , David interjected: "Someone has just bought a light off of Amazon so that she can read her book."

"At night," added Victoria as she walked off.

Under his breath, the former footballer muttered: "How old are you?"

The disagreement between the married couple didn't rest there as the ex Manchester United star decided to share the snippet with his online fans.

Getting her side of the argument across, Victoria took to David's comments section to highlight her own point of view.

Hitting back, the fashion expert said: "Is it just me?!? Can anyone read in the dark David?!"

Victoria then added sarcastically: "By the way… What are you reading?"

It appeared to be a battle of the sexes within the comments section as many women appeared to side with Victoria and men seemed to agree with David.

One fan wrote: "I have the same one, it stops the men moaning that the light is on to read by using a book light."

Another joked: "@victoriabeckham you are seriously reading a book though when you're in bed next to David?"

A third penned: "Agree David, she could have got a Kindle."

While others warned David that he should never say that his wife "is getting old" adding: "Careful who you are calling old sir!

"She wears badass heals and can kick you in the shin with one of those."

While a second told him: "Mr Beckham you never ever say 'your wife is getting old' without adding and getting more beautiful."


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