Tim McGraw Releases 'God Moves the Pen' From Expanded 'Here on Earth'

Tim McGraw will release two deluxe versions of his 2020 album Here on Earth, expanded with new songs and music videos. Here on Earth Ultimate Edition and Ultimate Video Edition will be available April 16th and both include the previously unreleased song “God Moves the Pen.”

The Ultimate Edition of Here on Earth features six new tracks, including the Tyler Hubbard collaboration “Undivided” and “God Moves the Pen.” McGraw’s film soundtrack songs “Keep Your Eyes on Me” with Faith Hill (from The Shack) and “Gravity” (from Free Solo) have also been added as a bonus. In “God Moves the Pen,” a shuffling rhythm keeps things moving forward while McGraw meditates on our expressions of love and the divine hand in them. “Love moves the heart, God moves the pen,” he sings.

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All tracks from the Ultimate Edition are present on the Ultimate Video Edition of Here on Earth, along with videos for six of the album’s tracks. Those include the title song, “I Called Mama,” “Gravy,” “Undivided,” “Thought About You,” and “Neon Church.”

For Record Store Day on June 12th, McGraw will offer a 12” vinyl release with a live performance of “Undivided” from the Celebrating America television special on the A-side and an acoustic version of “I Called Mama” on the flip.

Here on Earth Ultimate Edition track list:

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