'There's No Bad Blood' Between Adam Levine and The Voice Coaches After His Departure: Source

Adam Levine’s exit from The Voice after 16 seasons came as a shock to fans last week, but the Maroon 5 frontman has been open with his fellow coaches about his next moves, sources tell PEOPLE.

“[Leaving the show] is something he’s been talking to [host] Carson [Daly] and the other coaches about for some time,” says a source close to Levine. “It’s just time for him to leave.”

According to a show insider, the singer, 40, has “no bad blood” with any of the other coaches, including Gwen Stefani, who is returning to the show to fill Levine’s newly vacant seat.

“It’s bittersweet for everyone, but Adam is so excited that Gwen is going to take his chair,” says the source.

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Over the weekend, Kelly Clarkson spoke to Extra about Levine’s exit, saying it was “kind of shocking” but that she understood his decision.

“He’s been doing it for eight years — that’s a long time. He’s got a couple kids. Still has a career. Still touring. It’s a very rigorous schedule fitting everything in,” said Clarkson. “It’ll be weird going to work. ‘Where’s Adam?’ But I totally get how busy it is trying to fit everything in plus having a family.”

After initially finding out the surprising news of the Maroon 5 singer’s exit, Clarkson sent out a tweet on Friday, as did Shelton, 42.

“Found out last night about Adam leaving The Voice & while I get that he’s been doing the show 4 a while & wants to step away, it will be weird showing up 4 work & he’s not there,” Clarkson wrote. ”To start an amazing show from the ground up is a big deal!”

Shelton, who has been close friends with Levine since the beginning of the show, expressed his disappointment at losing his fellow coach and friend.

“Having a hard time wrapping my head around Adam not being at The Voice anymore,” he wrote. “After 16 seasons that changed both of our lives. I only found out about this yesterday and it hasn’t set in on me yet.”

He concluded with a fun-loving jab at Levine: “Gonna miss working with that idiot.”

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