The reason fans are worried about Post Malone

Post Malone (real name Austin Richard Post) is known in the music industry for breaking down genre-based barriers, becoming besties with fellow celebs like Justin Bieber, and adding to his impressive collection of face tattoos. Since releasing his debut track, “White Iverson” in 2015, Posty has shot to the top of the A-list, boasting over 20 million Instagram followers, six Grammy nominations, and an unbelievable net worth.

Over the years, the “Circles” crooner has grown his fanbase thanks, in part, to his very candid approach to speaking out about his own insecurities. “I’m a ugly-a** motherfu**er,” the rapper bluntly told GQ in March 2020, adding that his face tattoos “maybe come” from a self-conscious place. “I’m going to put something cool on [my face] so I can …. have a modicum of self-confidence when it comes to my appearance.”

In February 2020, Malone embarked on the second North American leg of his Runaway Tour. A month earlier, he had told Rolling Stone that he was focusing on resting up. “I needed a little break because I’ve been partying a little hard, so it feels good to be back home and playing Call of Duty.” He continued, “I’m going to take some R&R and get some beauty sleep so my body and voice doesn’t suck on tour.” As it turns out, although Malone’s voice hasn’t given up on him during his tour, his supporters have been noticing something even worse. Here’s the real reason fans are worried about Post Malone.

Post Malone wasn't acting like himself during a recent show

Post Malone made headlines on March 6, 2020, after videos of the singer from his Runaway Tour began cropping up, showing Malone engaging in some pretty bizarre behavior. One fan posted a compilation video of the “Goodbyes” artist both on stage and interacting with fans during his tour, where he “seems to be slurring his words” and even falls on stage while performing. As the user wrote on Twitter, “You can’t sit there and tell me that this is normal behavior from Post, it’s not and the man needs help before something bad happens to him. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, he’s not using them for fun anymore, he’s abusing them. it’s too much now, people are worried.”

The compilation post went viral, and soon enough, fans from all over the globe were showing their concern with the hashtag, #HelpPost, and even began a petition titled “Help Post Malone and his Addiction.” At the time of this writing, the petition already has more than 800 signatures.

The news surrounding Malone’s behavior is definitely frightening, especially considering the number of rappers we lost in 2019. What’s worse is that Malone is aware of it, too. Speaking to GQ about all his musical peers that have passed away, including Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD, the “Sunflower” artist revealed, “That could have been me.”

Is drinking a problem for Post Malone?

While it’s tough to say what sort of influence Post Malone may be under, it’s no secret that the rapper likes to drink. In fact, in an interview with Noisey, Posty admitted to getting on the sauce in order to make music. “If I make the beat, I usually have some words for it, but if somebody plays me a beat I’ve never heard before, I usually get ideas for it and then get drunk, go in the booth, and do melodies and mumbles and all that good stuff.”

What’s more is that Malone doesn’t just save his drinking for songwriting — he’s known to drink while on stage, as well. “I’m just nervous,” the “Congratulations” rapper revealed to Highsnobiety. “It helps me out, it helps me get lit with my fans.”

Although both of the reasons behind Malone’s drinking may seem relatively harmless, it’s worth noting that the celeb hasn’t had the easiest life. “When I was young and I came out here [to California], I had a super dark time,” the New York-born artist told GQ in 2018. “I was sleeping in a closet, I didn’t have any money, and I would just f*****g scrounge in my f*****g friend’s center console for quarters.” 

At the time of this writing, Malone hasn’t spoken out about the compiliation video that sparked recent headlines, but we here at Nicki Swift hope his past demons aren’t coming back to haunt him.

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