Tanya Bardsley forced to quit RHOCH after stressful schedule sparked breakdown

Tanya Bardsley has revealed she's in a happier and calmer place, having gotten rid of the majority of the stress in her life.

In the past year, the former model announced she was leaving The Real Housewives of Cheshire, as well as closing the doors to her store, Tanya Bardo Boutique in Wilmslow.

The mum-of-four was also diagnosed with ADHD and went through a period of trial and error with medication that left her feeling worse for wear.

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During an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, Tanya, 41, admitted that's in a different headspace now having stripped herself back to basics.

Speaking of her shop closure, she said: "The five year lease was up and it was the time I'd just been diagnosed with ADHD and had the seizure.

"The doctors said I couldn't have any stress and then I left the Housewives and got rid of the shop.

"I just went back to basics, I had a breakdown and sort of breaking free now, I might eventually get another shop back, it is in some stores and it's online but that has a lot of people to look after it."

Reflecting on her journey Tanya added: "I was in a bad way, a really bad way.

"Part of ADHD, I was always taking on more stuff and with the Housewives, I have enough arguments in my own head so I don't have any space to have any other arguments with other people."

While she may not be a cast member of the ITVBe show anymore, Tanya insists she will remain its biggest fan.

"For me personally, I battle with my own brain daily," she said before adding: "after 14 series, I just thought I've just got to give up the stress."

She added: "My boys are getting bigger and two of them are signed to football clubs and they're four times each per week.

"Family life is getting busier but something had to go, so I had to let go of my beloved Housewives but I'll always be the number one fan."

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Despite leaving on series 14, Tanya never imagined getting past series one, explaining: "We just thought we'd have fun for one series and there we were, 14 series later and in 29 countries, it's amazing."

Tanya teamed up with Search Dog Heros, a project run by Missing People to offer assistance to people who go missing.

She told her Instagram followers that she was releasing her own perfume titled Chein – French for dogs.

"It's just such an incredible campaign," she said before continuing: "I think everyone will go through knowing someone having dementia or mental health illness, so we're all going to need it probably at some point, it's such an amazing campaign."


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