Song You Need to Know: Moodymann, ‘I’ll Provide’

The house music great Moodymann quietly returned with a new track at the end of May. “I’ll Provide” revolves around a fantastically degraded low-end, a bass as garbled as it is groovy. Moodymann drops flirtatious lines from the Prince school of seduction: “I don’t know what you want from me/But you can have it;” “I’ve got something for all your dirty, nasty needs.” This could easily go on for 10 or 12 minutes, churning the dancefloor into a frenzy. But before the three minute mark, Moodymann abruptly changes course, pivoting into a soft bubble of melody and bringing “I’ll Provide” to a reverential close.

Historically Moodymann is not one for music videos; the new clip for “I’ll Provide” is the first on his official YouTube page. The visual comes with a warning — “the following contains content that some viewers may find disturbing” — and there are disorienting shots of zombie-like figures gnashing their teeth. Perhaps even more disturbing: Right before the song downshifts, someone appears to dump a bag full of records in the garbage.

Moodymann cares zero for press, so it’s not surprising that “I’ll Provide” appeared on YouTube with little fanfare; it is currently not available on other prominent streaming platforms. Moodymann also sold vinyl copies of a new EP, Sinner, in Detroit recently. That will be available digitally on June 21.

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