Shaun Ryder claims Prince Harry is ”p*ssy whipped’ by demanding Meghan Markle

Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder has branded Prince Harry as "pussy whipped".

During an exclusive chat with Daily Star, he opened up about his thoughts on the royals, in particular Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex.

Shaun said: "Harry is alright but yeah I don't really think about them. He was alright one time until he started listening to his missus, I'm saying that but my marriage has lasted that long because I do everything the wife tells me to do. Yeah, we are both p*ssy whipped."

Shaun Ryder also mentioned the time he was shown a rather rude picture of a Royal Princess.

The Black Grape star chatted to us as he prepared to perform at the Great Estate Festival this Jubilee weekend.

Talking about the bold moment, Shaun said: "I've been at a couple of parties where the daughters have been to like Beatrice and things like that but I've never come across any others."

Addressing the rumours he had been flashed by one of the royal ladies, he continued: "Oh no, not flashed me, I've seen a photograph somebody took of one of those princesses with no knickers on.

"We were at this party, yeah, like I say I didn't take the photo but someone showed it to me, that got translated that I had got flashed at the time but no that's not how it was.

"I'm sure if it did happen to me I would still have post-traumatic stress."

The Celebrity Gogglebox star also called out the palace for their "bullsh**" excuse as to why Prince Andrew is not attending the Jubilee celebrations.

Buckingham Palace shared a statement that said Prince Andrew would miss a key Jubilee event on Friday (May 3) after he contracted Covid-19.

Shaun, 59, said: "I love the Queen, she's been there all my life. I've got nothing against the Queen, some of the other ones you know they could get rid of them for all I care.

"But as long as they make us money then keep them, but if they stop making us money like Andrew, then f*** him off. But the Queen is great."

"Let's hope he gets long Covid ey, so he can't take part in any more celebrations. I think it's bulls*** – they've just come up with that one just to keep him out."

Black Grape will be headlining Great Estate Festival along with Manic Street Preachers, Ibibio Sound Machine, Electric 6, DJ Yoda, and Elektra Fence at Scorrier House in Cornwall.

The festival runs until June 5 and will welcome huge crowds to the grounds on this Jubilee weekend.

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