Sara Bareilles on How Boyfriend Joe Tippett Cared for Her While She Had COVID-19: 'It Was Scary'

Over time, Bareilles says she's learned to trust her instincts and "that little voice that lives inside of you."

"I am less gripped with self doubt than I used to be, but I certainly still deal with it on a very, very regular basis," she says. "We all have to face our demons in some way, shape or form. I think self doubt is such a tricky and ubiquitous experience that we all kind of have to grapple with."

Despite the stability of her relationship, Bareilles has no fears about lacking inspiration creatively.

"The part of myself that I don’t think is in danger is the part that will always be wandering and wondering," she says. "I had a fear that if I was happy and content in a relationship that I would stop writing music. But now I am seeking and wandering in partnership."

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