Right Said Fred were once so skint they almost filmed adult movie with twins

Right Said Fred were once so skint they almost did a porn film with twins.

In their new memoirs, Still Too Sexy, singer Fred Fairbrass, 65, said that they were offered $3,000 (£2,600) between them to shoot the video.

He explained: “The brief was that we would be having sex with the twins, in other words, two brothers s****ing two sisters. It would have been a day’s work or whatever.”

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The brothers went to the video maker’s apartment in New York to discuss it.

Richard Fairbrass, 68, said: “We were skint, so we thought about it for a ­second – it was a lot of money for us in 1987 – but we just couldn’t face it.”

Fred makes up one half of the chart topping band alongside his brother Richard, with the boys enjoying chart success in the early 1990s.

However, before finding fame with hits including I’m Too Sexy and Deeply Dippy, Fred also revealed he made money selling drugs while working as a taxi driver.

The star says he was selling cocaine and amphetamines in London in the early ’80s and claims he naively didn’t think he was breaking the law.

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An extract from the book sees Fred explain: “I used to sell speed and coke. I was a minicab driver in Fulham in 1982, and I used to work nights, and a bloke in the house I was living in was an amphetamine cook.

“So I used to buy a couple of grams here and there, firstly to keep awake, but then I had customers that wanted to buy it. I could deal in the car.

“I was useful because I ended up selling amphetamines from my cab. I worked nights because the party crowd and hookers were more than happy to buy my drugs.”

He goes on to explain he feels thankful that he was never stopped and searched or robbed while selling the drugs.

Fred also said the fact what he was doing was illegal “didn’t cross my mind.”

The English pop band was formed in 1989.

Their achievements include number 1 hits in 70 countries, including one US number 1, one UK number 1, and a number 1 in Japan.


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