Queen and Adam Lambert tour: WATCH Roger Taylor wearing scuba mask at torrential rain show

Back in February, Queen and Adam Lambert were travelling across Australia on their Rhapsody tour. But when the band reached Brisbane they were met with torrential rain that just wouldn’t stop. At the end of the show drummer Roger Taylor came on in a scuba mask and snorkel, all thanks to one of their roadies.

This week’s Queen and Adam Lambert: Roadies in Lockdown episode on YouTube follows Blacktrax Engineer Sam.

It’s his job to make sure the lighting system properly tracks the positions of the band around the stage during the live show.

In the video below, you can see Sam working this all out using different calibration sticks before each concert.

But, of course, the rained out Brisbane concert proved to be a real challenge for all the electrical equipment.


  • Queen and Adam Lambert share ‘utterly bonkers’ torrential rain video

In fact, he managed to get it all sorted with just 10 minutes to go.

Despite the difficulties, the Blacktrax Engineer admitted it was one the most memorable Queen and Adam Lambert concerts he’s worked on.

Sam said: “It’s going to be one of my favourite shows that I’m going to remember for quite some time.

“At some point when you’re working on a show of that sort of nature where it’s raining and everything’s chaotic, it just becomes so bad it gets funny.”

He continued: “And the mood actually lifts after an initial low point as well.

“Funny and quite farcical in ways but we managed to pull off a proper rock show, it was great.”

And to lighten the mood, Sam decided to wear his scuba mask and snorkel before the encore.

The Blacktrack Engineer said: “Roger took one look at it and said, ‘Ooh can I wear that when I go back on the stage?’”

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Sam added: “And lo and behold at the end of the show Roger was wearing it for the bows.”

Last month, the Queen drummer had a chat with about his new solo single Isolation.

The 70-year-old revealed there is a Queen and Adam Lambert live album in the works.

He said: “What we are thinking about is releasing a live album. We had a big thing on YouTube the other night and it went down very well.”

Taylor was referring to Queen and Adam Lambert’s Tour Watch Party, which streamed on their official YouTube channel for 24 hours over the weekend.

The one-hour highlights show of their live performances, included Fire Fight Australia from earlier this year and Fat Bottomed Girls with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in 2019.

The Queen drummer continued: “So we thought, well, maybe there’s a live album of highlights of concerts that we’ve done over the last eight years with Adam Lambert.

“And I think it would make a very nice live album, so we’re really thinking about that actually.”

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