Playboy bunny opens up on dark side of unprotected orgies with Hugh Hefner

Two Playboy bunnies have lifted the lid on some of the disturbing details of the unprotected orgies that took place in the playboy mansion.

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt were both girlfriends of the late Hugh Hefner.

The pair appeared on the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast and discussed their experiences.

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Bridget spoke about how on her first night, she only wanted to watch Hef and other Playmates have sex, but eventually was pressured into it.

She said: “I was still just gonna watch and then [one of the other Playmates] was like, ‘Aren’t you gonna go?’ It was like, ‘You need to go'.

"And I was like, I would rather not. And she’s like, ‘Well, then you probably won’t be invited back'.”

She continued: “So then I was like, OK. And I’d seen what everybody else was doing, so I knew that this was, like, a 10-second thing. I mean, definitely no more than a minute.”

Holly was one of Hugh's most famous girlfriends thanks to The Girls Next Door, a series about life at the Playboy mansion.

In the interview she admitted that she had ‘blocked’ out many experiences as she was routinely forced into having sex with the Playboy editor-in-chief.

She said she would try to ‘get it done as quick as possible’.

Thee sexual encounters were often done without condoms.

Bridget said she would try and get in first because of the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

"You were hoping everyone’s in the same situation, and there is a doctor on staff," she said.

"You’re hoping everybody is being checked out, and everybody is being… I say this in quotes… ‘monogamous’ to that relationship, but you don’t know.

"If there’s new girls coming up, which there often were, like, I just wanted to be first and be done. And I felt like that was the cleanest way."

Holly opened up about her life there in recent show Secrets Of Playboy, and during the premiere talked about the first time she spent the night with the late star.

According to US reports, Holly said she went to a nightclub in LA with Hefner and his girlfriends and that he offered her a quaalude, telling her they used to be called "thigh openers".

"I thought it was just really weird," she said. "That night I drank a lot because I was nervous."

The group later went to the mansion and Holly ended up going upstairs with them.

She described what happened next as "all very mechanical and robotic," adding: "It was really gross to me how Hef didn't want to use protection.

"The impact it had on me was so heavy. I never expected to be the first person to have sex that night or pushed into it."


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