Paddy Doherty rushed back to hospital just weeks after terrifying Covid battle

Paddy Doherty was rushed to hospital as he was having trouble breathing after his battle with Covid-19.

The 62-year-old My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star shared a concerning video from his hospital bed on Saturday as he attempted to catch his breath using an oxygen machine.

His agent confirmed to Daily Star that Paddy went into hospital yesterday as he was having trouble breathing and was released today.

They added that Paddy was diagnosed with asthma as a result of getting Covid-19 and is now recovering back at home.

The Celebrity Big Brother star was seen coughing and wheezing in his latest Facebook video as he told his fans he was back in hospital.

He said: "Covid is so strict as f**k, f*****ng Covid is, God, forgive me for swearing."

Paddy began coughing before he continued: "I'm just short of breath that’s it and I came in.

"Back in. Be out in the morning, you know what I mean though."

"Just be careful everyone, you know. It's real."

He added while laughing: "I'm worse than a cat. A cat's got seven lives and I've got 100 lives."

Paddy continued coughing as he struggled to speak.

He managed to say through his coughs: "Catch you all later. Be lucky…"

Last month, Paddy was rushed to hospital with a serious strain of coronavirus as it began attacking his system.

He told Daily Star after being discharged as he revealed he thought he was going to die.

Paddy said: "The doctors and nurses were all around me.

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"I felt like I was paralysed in my body because I couldn’t do anything.

"I couldn’t raise my hand, my head or even speak. I had no strength. The doctors were putting all these drips in me and I thought ‘this is it’."

He continued: "They gave me some drugs and said if they didn’t work I’d have to go on a ventilator and that I had a 50/50 chance of survival but they told me they thought I could beat it."

He said that he "saw death right before" himself as he continued: "You’re looking at people and they’re coming in and then being rolled out and you’re saying ‘he’s not made it, he’s not made it, he’s not made it."

Paddy admitted he thought he "was a goner" and that his "number was up".

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