Our Yorkshire Farm Amanda Owen defends glam look as she wows fans in tiny bikini

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen hit back at people who criticise her for her glam appearances on social media despite her role as a shepherdess.

Recently, the star spoke out against critics who claimed her occasional glam appearances stop her from being a shepherdess during an appearance on Simon Armitage's BBC Radio 4 podcast The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed.

She told Simon: “Maybe it’s a bit of a strange diversification but if you can make living out of writing about sheep, and taking photographs of sheep, as well as wrestling them to the ground and shearing them, then all well and good.

“And anybody who wishes to say: ‘Well you’re not a shepherd anymore because you’ve got a pair of stilettos on and a body-con dress’.

“I will say: ‘Oh yes I am’, because it’s still all about the farm and all about the sheep at the end of the day.”

This came after Amanda sent her fans wild after striking a pose in a tiny polka dot bikini while enjoying a day out with her kids, sharing some candid photos of her family frolicking through the water near their Ravenseat Farm home, including the family favourite Tony the Pony.

  • Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen wows fans in teeny polka dot bikini on family day out

“After an insanely busy time we have been enjoying a cooling off period,” Amanda wrote alongside a string of pics showing her in a polka dot bikini and some of her children swimming.

However, fans were more interested in the colour of the water than anything else.

“Why is the water red?” asked one perplexed fan, while another said it was “a rusty colour”.

However, some of Amanda's followers soon waded in to try and clear up any confusion, with many pointing out that it was natural.

  • Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen worries fans as kids swim in 'red water’

Some said water with a lot of iron in it would be red and others suggested that the colour was due to peat.

“I imagine it is due to run off from the peat soil on the moors,” explained one person.

With the matter of the water colour cleared up, fans turned their attention to how good Amanda looked in her blue and white swimsuit despite being a mum of nine.

“Stunning photo of you Amanda,” posted one admirer.

“Insane… And after 9 kids,” gushed another of her followers. “I could only dream of looking this good.”

  • Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen divides fans with latest post as some say it's 'a shame'

“How do you look so damn fabulous all the time woman?! How?!” demanded another.

“Even after 9 kids, it is amazing to still be so beautiful and charming,” said another.

One fan quipped: “Carol Vorderman eat your heart out.”

Amanda, Clive and their children – who range in age from three to 18-years-old – first found fame in the TV programme The Dales and went on to land their own documentary series, Our Yorkshire Farm, which has been a big hit.

The 46-year-old – aka the Yorkshire Shepherdess has also penned four books about country life and regularly updates her social media followers on life on the farm.

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