Nickelback Humorously Reworks "Photograph" for Google Photos Ad

Nickelback‘s 2005 cut “Photograph” is undeniably one of the band’s most popular singles, mostly because it has reached meme status over the years. A multitude of spoofs and doctored screenshots of Chad Kroeger holding up a picture frame have remained popular on the internet, but the latest parody comes from the Canadian four-piece themselves, this time reworking the track for a Google Photos ad.

The one-minute commercial starts off with the iconic music video clip of the frontman, but the photo frame is updated to 2020 standards and replaced with a smartphone. The Google Photos app scrolls through a number of albums, pictures and videos, and Kroeger continues to sing about taking unnecessary photos of his dessert, how his early 2000s blonde curly hair resembled a ramen bowl and his regret over his past hairstyles. To fully comply with the song’s meme status, the commercial ends with a zoom-out of the frontman holding the photo frame that contains another photo of him holding the smartphone with the Google Photos logo.

Watch the Google Photos ad above.

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