Nick Jonas’ ‘Spaceman’ Lyrics Explained

After sharing some cover art, an enigmatic caption to a glamour shot, and a making-of clip from a music video a few days prior, Nick Jonas finally dropped his first single of 2021, the romantic and groovy “Spaceman.” The release is perfect timing for the pop star, who is set to pull double-duty as both host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live!

His third solo album of the same name is slated for a March 12 release, per Jonas’ Twitter, and it — much like fellow singer-songwriter Taylor Swift’s 2020 releases Folklore and Evermore  — was born out of Jonas’ contemplative self-quarantining period during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I made this album while doing what most of us have been doing… sitting at home getting used to the new normal and hoping for better days ahead,” Jonas explained to Apple Music 1 (per Elite Daily).

As for Jonas’ wife since 2018, the multi-faceted actor-producer-author Priyanka Chopra, Jonas told Apple Music 1 (via Yahoo! News), “She loves [the album],” adding that his method of using music to channel his myriad emotions is much appreciated by his spouse. “When I can’t articulate the way I feel… I go to the studio. And I’m grateful to have that because it makes her happy, and that’s most important.” What a sweet sentiment — could Spaceman‘s title track be about none other than Chopra? Keep reading for the real meaning behind its lyrics!

Nick Jonas' "Spaceman" addresses COVID-19 isolation and is also a personal love note to his wife

Nick Jonas’ 2021 album’s title track, “Spaceman,” with its lyrical theme of a disconnect from the rest of humanity, may not be an obvious love song at first blush. The opening verse lyrics of “TV tells me what to think/Bad news, maybe I should drink” and “They say it’s a phase/it’ll change if we vote” sound eerily current to the events of 2020. A desolate-sounding Jonas then transitions into the true message of the song: He is trying to find the one who will ground him amidst all this isolation. “I’m a spaceman/From the dark side of the moon/I know that it’s sad, but it’s true/I’m tryna get home,” Jonas serenades the subject of his song. 

As Jonas told Apple Music 1 (via Elite Daily), this “one” is, indeed, his wife Priyanka Chopra. Jonas explained the lyrics as his personal feeling of isolation being physically separated from Chopra in 2020. “I was away from my wife for a few months while she was filming a movie, and that’s when I started making the record,” Jonas shared.

Any great songwriter knows the most personal of love letters should contain a universally relatable message, like Jonas’ comforting line in the bridge to fans, “Hard times make you love the view/ Right now think I’m getting through/ Only way that I can.” If this is the lead single off Spaceman, we cannot wait for more of what’s in store when the album comes out!

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