Niall Horan's 'Nice to Meet Ya' music video features him having a one-night stand

Niall Horan is on a mission to find his dream girl.

The former One Direction boy band member just released the official music video for his new song, “Nice to Meet Ya,” and it kicks off with the final moments of a one-night stand leaving his place but forgetting her phone. The video then jumps backwards in time 24 hours to see just how this fling came to be.

The rest of the video shows Horan walking around London looking for the woman he just can’t stop thinking about. She’s everywhere, but disappears just as quickly as he spots her. After a few wardrobe changes and a suit tailoring fit for Kingsman, he ends up at a bar with some friends. That’s when he finally scores his dream girl’s number.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Or a highly-stylized music video. Either one.

“Nice to Meet Ya” signals Horan’s return to the music scene two years after his first solo album, Flicker. This new single is the first track to be released off his upcoming sophomore album. Watch the full music video above now.

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