Mel B bruised and beaten in harrowing domestic violence clip to promote charity

The 45-year-old can be seen being strangled, beaten, and showing an array of horrific bruises and cuts on her face as she fights to get away from her abuser in the powerful clip.

In one scene, she runs across the garden in nightwear and a dressing gown – desperate to get away from her evil partner in the story.

It comes as the star has spoken about being in a new romantic relationship, and how she feared she would never be happy again.

"I honestly thought being in a romantic ­relationship again would be impossible because you get overloaded with past experiences," she told The Sun. "Because I’m riddled with so many trauma triggers, I couldn’t be hugged or touched for a good year.

"If someone came too close to me my hairs would stand on end, even in regular, everyday life.

"But there is a way out of it," Mel told the publication. "It takes somebody who’s very kind, understanding and patient to help you out of that unwanted cycle you fear going back into. You can have a loving, caring relationship. It just takes a lot of time and a lot of trust."

Mel is keeping her new beau under wraps for now, but the pop star is beaming with happiness at the moment.

She told the publication her man is "kind and very, very patient".

Mel released a book in 2018 where she detailed what her life was like with Stephen Belafonte.

She was with him for 10 years, and she has spoken about how he began his coercive abuse on their wedding night in 2007, before experiencing his "reign of terror" for the next decade.

The singer told in her book how she was isolated from her family and Belafonte’s behaviour made her lose her self-esteem.

Things reached breaking point around the time Mel was a judge on The X Factor in 2014.

The star is now continuing to help others with her own horrific experiences.

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