Meghan Markle ‘dishonourable for leaving royal jobs but returning for Jubilee’

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Meghan Markle has come under fire after ditching her royal duties but wanting to celebrate some events with the Royal Family.

Prince Harry and his wife recently jetted into London from California in order to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration with the Queen, 96.

Their trip marked their first public appearance in Blighty since they made the controversial decision to resign in January 2020 and vowed to live a more "private" lifestyle.

But now former Real Housewives of Cheshire star Leilani Dowding has claimed they're backtracking on their original statement and taking part in several interviews and signing with Netflix.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: "For someone who just wants to skip out on all royal duties, it's funny that she wants to come back in time for the celebrations, the party and be part of all the royal celebrations which are happening.

"I've got to throw in there about her Netflix shows, it's a complete and utter joke, I called it last year! No one moves to Los Angeles for privacy.

"Just be honest with your intentions, you didn't want to perform your royal duties and you do love the publicity, otherwise you wouldn't put yourself on a reality show."

It comes amid claims the Sussexes are filming a fly-on-the-wall programme about life in Los Angeles and being non-working royals.

The GB News star continued: "Like me, I did the Housewives of Cheshire, if I went on there and said I hate publicity and I love my privacy, everyone would call me a complete and utter bulls**tter, and I would be.

"I'm just a very open person, I'm not a private person, I'll share my life with anyone who wants to see what I'm up to and that's how I am, you can hate me for it – I'm honest.

"For Meghan to take a reality show, she's either lying about wanting to be private or she wants to be private but she's going against everything she stands for, for the money – or both."

The former Page 3 star went on to say: "Either way, it's dishonourable, people can take me and go 'oh Leilani she loves it all' and I can't say I don't because if I didn't, I wouldn't be doing any of it.

"I share my life with the very minuscule amount of people who have any interest."

Meghan and Harry faced the ultimate blow after discovering that their Netflix crew would not be permitted to film them during their trip to the UK.

Sources have now told The Telegraph that should the crew attempt to film the Sussexes from public areas, they will be "moved on".

But, Netflix crews are allowed to travel to public spots along with the millions of well wishes, stewards will instantly ask them to move should they attempt to put any filming gear up.

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