Megan Thee Stallion Has Something To Say About Cardi B’s Latest Feud

While many fans enjoyed Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of “WAP” at the 2021 Grammys, conservative activist Candace Owens did not, and she really wants you to know it. The drama technically started when Owens called Cardi out on The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special for “pandering” to black voters, and the rapper clapped back with an Instagram post that specifically called out Owens for “degrading [Cardi’s] name for 2 years straight.” 

Fast-forward to the Grammys, which aired on March 14, 2021. Cardi and Megan each performed solo songs before diving into an unforgettable performance of “WAP.” A few days later, Cardi tweeted a video of Owens attacking the performance on Fox News, and now it’s spun out into a full-on Twitter feud. Owens fired back at Cardi’s initial tweet by calling her “a cancer cell to culture,” and Cardi responded with a tweet insinuating that Owens’ husband cheated on her with her brother. Phew.

As the drama continued to escalate between Cardi and Owens, there was notably one person missing from the conversation: Megan Thee Stallion. The rapper has faced her fair share of criticism since “WAP” first dropped, but she’s mostly stayed out of Cardi and Owens’ feud — until now that is. Keep reading to learn what Megan has to say about the whole ordeal. 

Megan Thee Stallion has a simple solution for people who don't like her music

As Cardi B and Candace Owens continue to go back and forth about “WAP” on Twitter, many people have wondered if and when Megan Thee Stallion — Cardi’s collaborator on the song — would jump in. While the “Savage” rapper didn’t directly address the feud, she did send out a tweet that is almost certainly about the drama.

“Before I go… y’all be acting like people force y’all to look at s–t you don’t like,” Megan tweeted, adding, “If you like puppies follow puppy pages, if you like food follow food pages, if you like bad b–ches follow me. SIMPLE K BYE.” Clearly, Megan has a simple solution for Owens, which is to avoid engaging with content if it makes her upset. 

Megan’s sentiments are very similar to Cardi B’s response to backlash when she wouldn’t let her daughter, Kulture, listen to “WAP.” When a Twitter user questioned why Cardi’s daughter can’t listen to “WAP” but “everybody else’s daughter can,” the rapper responded by saying that she’s not responsible for other parents’ kids. “I don’t make music for kids I make music for adults. Parents are responsible on what their children listen too or see,” Cardi tweeted in response to her criticism.

Amid all the drama, there’s one thing that Cardi and Megan definitely agree on: if you don’t like something, don’t listen to it or watch it!

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