Matteo Bocelli video: ‘Why I feel fragile and lonely’ & acoustic version of new song Solo

Matteo Bocelli discusses inspiration for his new single 'Solo'

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Matteo doesn’t just sound like a Disney prince, he looks like one too. With a superstar father and a blossoming music career of his own, what could he possibly have to feel lonely or fragile about? The young star bravely spoke to his fans today and opened up about his deepest emotions and vulnerability. He also gave a spine-tingling stripped-back performance of new single Solo seated at a piano. Scroll down to watch the full interview and song.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Matteo’s own solo material, ever since he burst onto the world stage in 2018. Previously unknown, he duetted with his famous father on the song Fall On Me from the Disney movie, The Nutcracker and the Seven Realms.

He started to appear in concerts and recitals around the world and kept posting updates and teasers for his own solo project.

This week, Matteo finally released his debut single, Solo, telling fans: “I’m so excited and a little bit nervous but this means I really care about what I am doing. I waited many years but I finally share it with you. It is just the first of many… I hope you like it and then I will slowly come back with some more music.”

He also opened up about how the deep emotions behind the new song are rooted in his own childhood.

Matteo said: “Solo, first of all, was written a year and a half ago in Milan. Why Solo? Of course, it means alone. I wrote this because I wanted to talk about a fragile part of my character, my loneliness.

“I am fragile underneath because since I was a little kid, I used to see my dad leaving home for work, he was travelling a lot.”

Matteo has previously talked about how he and his older brother Amos struggled with the father being away from home so much. Andrea was married to their mother Enrica Cenzatti until 2002, when Matteo was just five. Although the tenor went on to marry Veronica Berti, with whom he has a daughter, Virginia, everyone still lives very close to each other in Northern Tuscany.

And now, Matteo says he is starting to repeat what his father went through.

Matteo Bocelli performs his new single 'Solo'

Matteo said: “I’m a guy who loves to stay with people that I love and now I see myself in the same role as my dad.

“I will be travelling a lot and I will be missing the people I love. But at the end I am doing this for the passion for music that has always been with me since I was a kid. So it is about to be focussed on your dreams.”

He also explains that his new single has more than one meaning.

Matteo added: “Solo is a sad song, the mood when we wrote the song was sounding a little bit sad, but actually it has both aspects. .. another one a little more positive. Inside this song, there is a lot of hope and love.”

The fans were also very keen to know when more new material will be released.

Matteo said: “Who knows, maybe next year I am going to release an album. As soon as I have material t perform on a stage I can’t wait to connect with you.”

He also posted: “I have chosen ‘Solo’ as the very first single of my project between more than 60 songs, which I had the pleasure to write with some of the most talented artists from all over the world.”

Asked where he saw himself in ten years, Matteo said: “Honestly I like to think in the present, but the dream of every artist is to reach the great stages and the greatest number of hearts on this planet. That is what music is all about.”


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