Madonna begs Pope Francis to meet up as she ‘swears’ she’s a ‘good Catholic’

Singer Madonna, 63, has reached out to Pope Francis after being "ex communicated" multiple times, which the star has deemed unfair.

Madonna has pleaded with the Pope and said she's a "good Catholic" as she begged to get back in the good books and wants to discuss the next steps with him.

In a tweet, she wrote: "Hello @Pontifex Francis – I'm a good Catholic, I swear! I mean I don't swear! It's been a few decades since my last confession.

"Would it be possible to meet up one day to discuss some important matters? I've been excommunicated three times. It doesn't seem fair! Sincerely, Madonna."

Pope Francis' Twitter page has been active since Madonna's plea, but she is yet to receive a public response.

The star hasn't chased him on any other platforms, but eagerly awaits his response to find out if she can set a meeting with him.

Her fans were left incredibly confused by Madonna's desperate plea as some questioned why she was excommunicated in the first place.

Madonna's historic confessions have had her excommunicated as senior figures in Rome, including Cardinal Ersilio Tonino, speaking with the approval of Pop Benedict XVI, said in 2006 that the limits were pushed "too far".

They stated that the concert she was doing at the time was "blasphemous" and she should be excommunicated.

He added: "To crucify herself during the concert in the city of Popes and martyrs is an act of open hostility. It is nothing short of a scandal and an attempt to generate publicity."

Years after the call for her to be excommunicated, Madonna opened up to HAper's Bazaar on her relationship with religion as she described it as "funny".

She said she's not "a big fun of rules", adding: "I like to provoke; it's in my DNA. But nine times out of 10, there's a reason for it."

In more recent years, Madonna became a student of Kabbalah and aims to live her life deeply and more spiritually, stating it is more "appropriate" to her own beliefs.

Madonna has toyed with her beliefs for some time, but it looks like she wants to speak them through with the Pope to gain further advisories.

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