Luke Bryan Reveals His Serious Injury

Country superstar Luke Bryan looks good mic’d up onstage, but he’s much more comfortable out on the lake or in the woods. The Georgia boy loves the great outdoors so much that he paid homage to his favorite activities with the 2015 hit, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day.” Speaking to Billboard of the meaning behind the lyrics, Bryan said, “The important thing is the fact that if you live in that hunting, fishing, loving-every-day mentality, you’re going to be a little more stress-free, and your quality of life will be a little better.” It’s a mentality rooted in the singer’s childhood that he’s done his best to live by “every day,” despite shooting to superstardom with his debut album, I’ll Stay Me, in 2007. 

Having grown up on the Flint River in Georgia, fishing holds a special place in Bryan’s formative memories; naturally, it’s how he likes to spend time with his own children. “When you’re in a fishing boat with your child for four or five hours, you just can’t replicate that time in any other, I mean it’s just perfectly well-spent time, in my opinion,” he shared in a 2017 interview with Sounds like Nashville. That said, things can sometimes go wrong on the lake, even for experienced fishermen. On March 30, 2021, what was meant to be a fun day of fishing went seriously awry after Bryan suffered a gruesome fishing accident, leading him to seek emergency medical care. What happened? Let’s take a look.

How bad is Luke Bryan's fishing injury?

Shortly after hanging up his “gone fishin”’ sign, Luke Bryan turned to social media to share a video that showed the prongs of a fishing hook embedded in his hand. Ouch! The prongs look to be so deeply lodged between his first finger and thumb that one of the hooks sticks out on the other side. 

“Dammit,” Bryan captioned the graphic post. In the video, he can be heard reflecting, “This is gonna leave a mark … pretty sure that’s in my bone.” Per People, the “Tackle Box” singer documented a trip to the hospital on his Instagram Stories, appearing to be in good spirits despite his painful injury. Joking that he was “violating HIPAA somehow” as a medical professional examined his hand, Bryan also remarked, “Leave it to me … I ruined the fishing trip.” 

Later, the country singer flashed the camera a thumbs-up sign to let fans know he’d made it back on the water. “Got the hook out! We’re back,” he said. All in all, the accident didn’t take too long to remedy. Looks like Bryan is safely off the hook (for now)!

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