Love Island’s Malin Andersson admits she used laxatives to lose weight as teen

Motivational speaker Malin Andersson first found fame on ITV's hit dating show Love Island back in 2016 at the age of 23.

The young lass was known to viewers across the country for her stunning looks, body confidence and her refusal to take no for an answer while on the show.

But since her time on the programme ended, Malin, 28, has remained in the public eye and has continued to illustrate and campaign for body positivity online and within the media.

Former reality star Malin frequently uses her social media presence to showcase her amazing physique as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle to her fans on social media.

But the curvaceous babe recently expressed that her thoughts towards her body weren't always this robust, as she once used laxatives in order to lose weight when she was younger.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star about how young people perceive body confidence, Malin explained: "I think it's paramount from a young age, because this is when trauma can set it and you're like a sponge when you're young right?

"I think it's really important to remain having a healthy relationship with food and if you don't, you should question what's going on.

"Is it because you're on social media and your comparing, are you following the wrong things?

"Who are you hanging around with, is it your friends?" she questioned

"Because I know my best friend and me, we would encourage each other to lose weight when I was a teenager. We would say 'who could lose weight more, let's take this laxative.'

"And then I would make myself sick and then she would make herself sick, that's really weird.

"When I look back now, I'm like 'girl what the f***!'"

The star said she believes that teens now have it hard because of social media and what they see on Instagram.

She continued: "I think it's about embodying who you are as a person and realising that looks are superficial but at such a young age, I think teens nowadays have it hard because they are looking up to all these celebs on the gram – the Kardashians, fitness models, love islanders."

"And they probably strive to be like that, but they need to understand that perfection doesn't come from that. Perfection comes from creating who you are."

When asked what she believes body confidence means to her, the brunette babe gave her take on this too.

She declared: "Body confidence isn't just what we see in the mirror and being happy with that. It's about accepting who we are and what we've been given and embracing it.

"And it also means to me not comparing yourself to other people and searching for change within yourself and actually all you've ever needed is right there."

She then went on to explain the perception and ideologies that some may have regarding body confidence and positivity.

She added: "When it comes to body confidence, I think people are getting the wrong ideas nowadays, it's becoming a bit of a false trend.

"I think people are jumping on the bandwagon for clout."

She went on: "Instead of, I don't know, a size eight model trying to bend her stomach to give herself rolls, you're creating an illusion there.

"You're still maybe not unhappy with your body, but you're doing that for the likes and the validation.

"So I think to me it's about acceptance and embracing who you are."

When asked about her thoughts on the use of filters to change one's appearance with their photos online, Malin agreed that they are harmless. – but she considers them as dangerous when they dramatically change your features.

She said: "I use filters now and then when I want to. There's a fun gherkin one that I often use.

"At one point, I remember when they first came out, they were altering my nose, altering my jawline and I was like who's this.

"I think as long as they make me feel good but not falsify me as a person.

"They're a bit of fun, so you can't take them too serious," she added.

To showcase body positivity in its rarest form, Malin has often been known to strip down to her underwear on Instagram and give fans a tantalising display.

The star was then asked about people's perception of this, but she confidently stated: "Our bodies, our rules."

"Do what you want and be who you want to be. We're put on this earth to be individuals right?

"And actually judgement comes from a place of insecurity yourself, so who are we to judge someone else's choices and I've always been a big believer in that.

"When people are trolling and judging, it comes from a place of lack of self-esteem and not knowing who they really are.

"That's where it becomes quite toxic online really. I think focus on yourself and what you're doing as it's a waste of energy.

"Focus on yourself and build yourself up," she chuckled.

The reality babe has often been one to share her struggles and past traumatic experiences that she has previously gone through with her fans online, and now, the star is promoting her new book which discusses how one can overcome their hurt.

The influencer explained: "My books out that I've been writing for over a year. It's a self-help autobiography and it contains a lot more things that I've gone through and witnessed as a child till now.

"I've kind of laid it all bare to help people to heal from things that I've gone through. It was kind of a struggle writing it but it's quite a powerful book so I can't wait for it to finally be out."

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