Love Island’s Jessica Hayes rushed to hospital after fake nail becomes infected

Love Island star Jessica Hayes has been rushed to hospital after one of her fake nails became infected.

The 28-year-old, who won the popular ITV reality show in 2015, told fans that she had developed swelling and pain around the cuticle on her finger a day after she visited the salon to get them applied.

Moments later she began to suffer with shooting pains along her arm.

Sharing a video from her hospital bed over the weekend, Jessica informed her followers on Instagram that she was unable to bend her left arm after ten days of suffering with agonising pain at home.

Speaking directly to the camera, she said: "So the doctor's on this morning and I've got two options, I could either have my nail completely off, get it bandaged up, obviously it's going to take months to grow back, but it is what it is.

"It will get to the root of the infection or I can stay on the antibiotics for one more night and day."

She added: "So stay in tonight and then hopefully if I see an improvement I won't need the nail off."

Jess also showed fans her ring finger on her left hand which looked very red and swollen while explaining that she thought it would have gotten better.

She continued: "My arm hurt straight away after but I took the oral antibiotics, I just thought it would get better.

"Yesterday it was red raw, I couldn't bend my arm, it felt really tight."

However, despite the pain and the redness, Jess admitted that she did notice an improvement since taking medication.

The Love Island beauty also made the decision to stay in hospital for another day – but told fans there was no guarantee the nail would be saved.

Jess also urged her followers to continue to check themselves if they have a small cuts that fail to heal.

She said: "If you've got a little cut and you feel like it's not healing or it's spreading just make sure you go and get it checked because you can get really sick."

Moments later, the reality star took part in a fan Q&A session and was asked: "Did you catch an infection from the salon? Or did you damage your nail and it got infected?"

She replied: "I went to the nail salons, one of the walk in ones and I had my nails done and a day after the side of the cuticle started swelling and getting sore and really painful and that's how I knew there was an infection and then it started travelling up my arm pretty quickly."

The news of Jess' hospital dash comes after she revealed that she was at rock bottom after the loss of her baby and split from her fiancé Dan Lawry in 2020.

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