Lorraine Kelly told to ‘get help’ after suffering ‘horrible’ menopause symptoms

Lorraine Kelly has candidly opened up about her menopause struggles and how she was told to get help by her husband.

The TV presenter was suffering from severe symptoms including fatigue and stress but she blindly assumed it was down to the stresses of work.

Lorraine, 61, said that her other half Steven Smith noticed she “was not herself” and that there was maybe something more significant at play than being merely overworked.

He told her: "You're used to getting too anxious, in pain… you’re tired…”

But she assumed it was all par for the course as she normally “thrives on stress and the buzz of telly".

Lorraine told the Daily Express: “And I just thought all of that was just the demands of the job. I got up very early, but I was always able to cope with all of that.”

Menopause has been traumatic for the mother-of-one, she said.

Lorraine added: “I thought I was going crazy. I couldn't understand it at all. I lost myself.

After seeing a doctor Lorraine was prescribed HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and she said she started to see an improvement after just a few weeks.

Meanwhile, her daughter Rosie, 24, took a cheeky dig at her famous mum when she called her "embarrassing" on live TV.

Rosie had some brutal feedback for the showbiz legend when asked about her relationship with her mum on ITV's Loose Women.

Loose Women host Judi Love asked: "What does it feel like having Lorraine Kelly as your mum? What is the conversation amongst your friends?"

Rosie said: "I never knew any different, and growing up we were always on TV so I never knew any different really.

"And like people at school were lovely, everyone's always been so nice."

Lorraine then burst out laughing as Rosie continued: "But not an embarrassing mum in the sense of…" before she then interjected: "I'm quite bad".

Loose Women hosts Ruth Langsford, Coleen Nolan, Judi and Jane Moore were in stitches as Lorraine agreed with her daughter.

Rosie replied: "Yeah, but you have a lovely job and you're very respectful and lovely, whereas I think maybe…"

Lorraine added that her and Rosie have a a great relationship, but she's not her "pal" as she's her mum.

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