Kim Kardashian shares glimpse into mansion – but fans say it looks like a morgue

Kim Kardashian has divided her fans after sharing a look at her mansion's Christmas decorations – with a "bland" cream colour palette and elves "quarantined" in glass jars.

In the video, uploaded on her Instagram for her 195 million followers, her white Christmas tree is surrounded by cute model deer which are the only touch of colour in the otherwise neutral room.

The carpet, walls, fireplace, and soft furnishings are cream-coloured, and stuffed fabric trees in the background are bone-white.

White Christmas stockings with "Kim" and "Kanye" stitched on them hang above the fireplace where toy elves are "quarantined" in glass jars.

A note next to the elves reads: "Hi North, saint, Chi and Psalm, we are on a 10-day quarantine!

"We still have our magic and will be flying around again after 10 days!"

The decor was critiqued by many of Kim Kardashian's followers, who reckoned the living room could do with a pop of colour to warm it up.

One person blasted: "I absolutely hate @KimKardashian home.

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"It looks so sad and just so damn plain.

"No colors just everything simple even the Christmas decor."

Another person commented; "Kim Kardashian tries to flex her house as if her decor isn’t bland as hell.

"Her poor kids' rooms are beige lol wtf."

Comparing the mansion to a "morgue", someone else wrote: "Your house looks so cold n not lived in.

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"Where's a plant or pictures? That big house n it looks like a morgue, no life."

A more supportive fan praised the minimalist design, gushing: "I can’t wait to get rich and live like @KimKardashian.

"She has everything she needs in her house & she always does the best decor for the holidays."

This comes after the Karshanian clan was forced to cancel their elaborate Christmas Eve party for the first time since 1978 due to the pandemic.

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