Katie Price’s ‘week of hell’ as pals say her ‘life will never be the same again’

Katie Price has been through a tough time after breaking both of her feet in a freak accident on holiday in Turkey last year, and now her friends have revealed that she has had a "week from hell".

Katie’s eldest son, Harvey, 18, was recently hospitalised after he had suffered an “extremely dangerous” reaction to the Covid-19 vaccination. Harvey also suffers from a rare genetic syndrome called Prader-Willi syndrome.

The 42-year-old former glamour model then discovered that she is now registered disabled after breaking both her feet in a tragic fall in Turkey last Summer.

Katie will no longer be able to wear high heels again or walk for more than 20 minutes.

Not only this, but the mother of five had to caution a woman on social media after she found out that she'd sent her partner Carl Woods racy videos on Instagram.

Katie appeared on Good Morning Britain with her mum Amy recently, to discuss her terminal lung condition.

Amy also revealed that she is in the final years of her life.

Katie confessed that her mum has only 32% lung capacity and called her condition “cruel”.

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A source told New Magazine that it has been "a week from hell” for Katie.

They told the publication: “She says bad things always happen to her in one go. Thankfully, Harvey was fine in the end and able to leave hospital.

"Her disability diagnosis was hard to hear. She knows life will never be the same again."

The source also claimed that after Harvey's hospital ordeal, Katie spoke to medical professionals about putting a protocol in place for monitoring vulnerable children for 24 hours after they have received the vaccine.

The source went on to discuss how hard it is for Katie after receiving news regarding her disability and how she would be unable to wear high heels to any upcoming red carpet event.

With regards to Katie's mum's health condition, the source said: "She’s always been able to lean on her mum so that’s obviously tinged with sadness given Amy’s health condition. Due to coronavirus, they haven’t seen each other in months. It’s painful to hear her mum talk about death.”

Despite all of this, sources say the star has been leaning heavily on her partner Carl Woods, who has been supportive to her throughout.

The source also revealed that Carl, 31, prefers the real Katie and dislikes the Jordan persona.

"This is the first time Katie has felt safe in a relationship. He gives her his social media passwords so she can respond to women who slide into his DMs. She feels like there’s no secrets.”

After starring in her BBC One documentary with her son Harvey entitled Harvey and Me, Katie has received nothing but praise from fans.

The documentary provided further insight into Harvey’s condition and the care needed for Harvey as he becomes an adult, which sources believe has helped Katie with realising her own self-worth.

The source disclosed that Katie used to feel most valued when she received compliments on her looks but she's now evolving and realising that she is more interested in being a great mother to her children.

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