Jesse Jo Stark Gets Up Close and Personal in New Song ‘Lady Bird’

Rock singer-songwriter Jessie Jo Stark unveiled her new song “Lady Bird” on Friday, with an up close and personal video – literally. The clip is a single-take close-up of Stark’s eyes, bedazzled with glittery green eyeshadow, as she sings “Lady Bird” in voiceover. “I’d love to kill you but you look like an angel still/Street lights up our faces/Winding down the hill,” she sings of a toxic relationship over a spare piano.

“Lady Bird” is Stark’s fourth standalone single following her debut EP, Dandelion, released last year, and was co-produced by her guitarist Thomas Hunter, who also plays in the band The Heavy.

“We recorded ‘Lady Bird’ at the very last second when I was performing my Dandelion Sessions in LA,” says Stark. “It was done in one take, no comps. Thomas and I were in this big room, and I sang on this cool old mic while he played the piano. It was casual, and it has turned out to be one of my favorite recordings. Similarly, with the video, we had the idea to shoot it while we were on tour so my bass player Wade filmed the video in one take backstage while The Heavy was performing. My makeup wasn’t totally clean, it was loud as fuck, and that was that.”

Stark also worked with Chuck Grant (Lana del Rey’s sister) on a spooky video for her song “Fire of Love” last year. She’ll be returning to the studio this summer to write and record with Linda Perry.

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