Jeremy Vine rushed to hospital after hitting head falling from a penny farthing

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Jeremy Vine was rushed to hospital after "smashing his face" in a nasty fall from his bike.

The veteran broadcaster, 56, fell from his old-school style penny farthing bicycle and landed on his head, which saw him transported to A & E.

Opening up about the terrifying incident on his Channel 5 show on Wednesday, Jeremy confirmed that details of his accident were still hazy to him but that he recalled being flung over the handlebars of the high-wheel bike and landing on his head.

Jeremy said he also hit his face against a grassy surface in the plunge, resulting in him being left with a black eye.

Speaking on his Jeremy Vine show via video link, Jeremy said: "I didn't see the divot, my front wheel went into it and I went over the handlebars and landed on my head."

He later confirmed that he had been wearing a helmet at the time and that he was assisted by members of the public following his fall.

Following the accident, Jeremy was taken to Charing Cross Hospital in London.

The Channel 5 presenter was checked over by doctors who carried out a number of scans on his brain, heart and spine before giving Jeremy the all-clear and releasing him.

He is now recovering at home.

Opening up about the accident on his programme, Jeremy also confirmed he had been banned by his family of riding his penny farthing alone again.

The vintage bike has a notoriously high front wheel and is widely considered to be the first bicycle in history.

It's rare to see a penny farthing bike on modern roads; so much so that Jeremy also confirmed that a doctor at the hospital told him they had never treated anyone for a penny farthing fall injury before.

Last month, Jeremy's co-host Storm Huntley announced that she was pregnant with his first child.

Jeremy Vine airs weekday mornings on Channel 5.

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