Jared Leto Had No Idea There Has Been A Global Pandemic Going On

Jared Leto emerged from twelve days of silent meditation to discover the world was a very different place.

With each passing day, the world becomes a very different and frankly slightly more frightening place. Everyone is in the midst of a global pandemic and right now, there’s no real way of telling how bad it might get or how long it will go on for. It’s also pretty hard to imagine what it’s like in countries and places which aren’t getting quite as much media coverage.

Hard to believe right now, but there will be parts of the world where people are blissfully unaware of what is going on all over the rest of the planet. Remote towns and villages that are rarely visited so no one has brought the virus to their door. One person we did not think would be included in that clueless group is Jared Leto.

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Leto took to Instagram this week to reveal he had been in the desert partaking in twelve days of silent meditation. During that time, Leto and the small group to accompany him on his excursion had no phones, no laptops, so absolutely no contact with the outside world. Meanwhile, something was happening to the outside world unlike anyone alive today has experienced before.


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“Walked out yesterday into a very different world. One that’s been changed forever,” Leto wrote on Instagram. During his time in the desert, fellow actors Tom Hanks and Idris Elba have revealed they have tested positive for COVID-19 along with thousands of others around the world. Needless to say the world Leto has stepped back into will be much more stressful than the one he had been a part of for the two weeks prior.

Leto isn’t the only person to have had no idea about the global pandemic during that time. A series of Big Brother currently taking place in Germany, which started on February 10, 2020, means there is a house filled with contestants completely unaware of the coronavirus outbreak. On the bright side, they couldn’t really be in a safer place. They have technically been in quarantine since before the outbreak became widespread.

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