Jake Quickenden says ghosts of brother and his dad will be at his wedding

Jake Quickenden reckons that his late brother and dad will both be guests “in spirit” when he gets married.

The hunky 33-year-old former I’m A Celebrity contestant is due to tie the knot with his fiancée Sophie Church this summer.

And photographs of his dad Paul and brother Oliver will be on show at the

ceremony to ensure that their presence is felt.

Talking about his dad, Jake said: “We’re gonna have something there for him… a picture of him and my brother, so they are there.

“I know they are there in a way, if you believe in that stuff.

“I like to believe that there’s something after we’ve lived because that means the people we’ve lost are in a better place.”

Jake’s life was torn apart when bone cancer killed Paul in 2008 and then Oliver in 2012.

He still struggles to cope with the grief to this day and knowing that they won’t be present for his wedding in person is agony for him.

He said: “It would have been nice for my dad to see me get married.

“I wish he was at my wedding. It’s one of those days today. I’m very reflective on my past.”

Jake, who shot to fame on The X Factor, believes he has already been visited by the ghost of Oliver.

Years ago he felt his presence when he got pain in his stomach.

He said: “I wanted my brother to show me a sign. I was frustrated at the time. Then I had a weird experience.

“One day something hit me so hard in the ribs that it actually took my breath away.

“That’s something my brother would do. He’d punch me. And I thought, ‘It must be him’.

“Before he died, he always said that if he could come back and annoy me then he would do it.

“So that’s why I thought it was him who punched me.”

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