Inside The Chase’s Mark Labbett’s bachelor pad with pet dog after marriage split

The Chase fan-favourite Mark Labbett now lives alone with his pet pooch Baloo after splitting from his wife Katie during the lockdown.

The Chaser, also known as The Beast, has given his Instagram fans a glimpse inside his magnificent home in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The 55-year-old genius quizzer has shared a number of images of himself chilling at home with his beautiful caramel dog.

One of them shows the lovely animal relaxing on the star’s cream linen sofa, snuggling into the mixed velvet cushions.

In another snap, Mark can be seen posing in front of a bookcase.

The light and airy room features a slanted roof and shows off a number of eclectic nick nacks – including children’s toys on the windowsill and an intricate lamp with a glass trunk.

Grinning for the selfie, Mark posed in a casual burgundy T-shirt with black-rimmed glasses, his hair styled into tousled spikes.

It’s an unusual look for the brainiac who is normally seen with his mop slicked to perfection and wearing a sharp suit to destroy hopeful contestants on The Chase.

On the wall, a lone art print features a blonde-haired dolly.

Meanwhile, one of the star’s other pictures shows him resting up against another sofa in what appears to be an office.

The room features another bookcase, with the sunlight filtering in through wooden slat blinds on the window.

Mark donned a grey knitted jumper and his headphones to share another picture with fans.

Mark’s kitchen is all chic white cupboards and what appears to be linoleum sides with some matching green appliances on display.

The Beast is one of the scariest and most formidable opponents on The Chase and is often the one contestants dread going up against.

They’re right to worry, as the exceptionally clever Cambridge-educated TV quizzer has an enormous wealth of knowledge and rarely gets spooked by mistakes on the ITV series.

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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